Poetic Spaces

Concept Definition:

Space : Ideal environment in which the perceptions are located. Example: Visual, tactile space.

Poetic: Art of evoking and suggesting the most vivid sensations, impressions, emotions through the intense union of images, sounds, rhythms, harmonies, …

For over 15 years, my work has focused on exploration of perception through aesthetics. In the course of my visual experiments, I slowly moved from materialistic aspects of the reality to more subtle dimensions.

I was particularly interested in the processes by which the observer connects to the work of art then access – through his imagination – a more introspective world.

Due to the quantity of information and the attention deficit we have to face today, it seemed important to me to propose a structured and multi-level approach to encourage the observer to re-appropriate his ability to focus attention and explore his personal universes.

My work is structured around what I called Poetic Spaces.

Each of these spaces contains a series of works called Polyphonic Immersive Explorations©.They are aimed to trigger your different senses (polyphonic) and lead you in a multidimensional perception.

I set them up in a specific way according to forms of presentation: visual scenography, photography, video, poetry, calligraphy,…

These spaces contain several semantic levels. The observer is free to adopt the one which corresponds to him. The following indications will act as help if required.

Reading Methods:

You have different ways of entering  poetic spaces:

1. Use of Chromatic and Sensory Mapping© (see bellow). By clicking on one of these chromatic rectangles, you will access more defined forms of perception by discovering the works with their specific scenography.

2. Navigation in the descriptive list of poetic spaces which will lead you to the respective works.

3. A discovery via the random discovery of works in the Artworks section.

In-depth Reading:

If you wish to go deeper, please consult my different books for deepening the poetic spaces.

Subjective Appropriation:

The final objective of this study is for the observer to initiate his own imaginary journey through appropriation of poetic spaces and discovery of his own interior landscapes.

1. Chromatic and Sensory Mapping:


2. Descriptive List Of Poetic Spaces:

The Remains Our Of Souvenirs:

Engraved Feelings:

Inner Nebulae:

Stella Novae:

Trails of Inner Blues:

The Evanescence of The Self:

Tides of Poetry:

The Luxuriance of the Blissful Light:

The Inspiration of Lightness:

The Perfection of Chaos: